NRSA Travel Policy Guidelines

Please note the Club executive must authorize all travel.

NRSA will reimburse club members for approve travel costs at the OFSC going rate for trips.  For travel greater than 10 km the member must submit a fuel bill(s).  Reasonable meal expenses will be reimbursed if approved by the executive.

The following are typical travel examples: 

•    Travel to pickup or deliver parts when alternative shipping (bus, courier) is not available or it is an emergency repair.

•    Use of snowmobile to inspect trails, post signs, etc… when requested by the executive.

•    Travel to club, district, and OFSC meetings.

Groomer operators will be paid an honorarium to cover normal travel and meal expenses for groomer operation.

NOTE:  NRSA Travel Policy was revised at April 28, 2008 Spring Meeting at the Bears  Den.       Travel policy at that time was paying .25 per km, OFSC was paying .35 per km.                           Motion by John Montin seconded by Nelson Childs to pay the OFSC going rate for       travel.

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