Club Code of Involvement

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We the volunteers and staff:
It is the intent and goal of the executive, board of directors, staff and volunteers of our club to use this Code of Involvement to indicate desired behaviours and conduct that we are working toward.  We have adopted the following three principles based on the “Canadian Code of Volunteer Involvement” (© Volunteer Canada, 2006):
•    Volunteers are vital to the success of our club
•    Volunteering mutually benefits both the club and the volunteer
•    Volunteer involvement is based on positive relationships
Specifically, to foster and sustain a productive and mutually supportive operational environment, where feasible and prudent, we are endeavoring to work together so volunteers and staff are:

    treated with respect and dignity, and have their privacy protected.
    given a suitable assignment with clear expectations.
    informed about the organization and its policies and procedures.
    provided with appropriate training for assigned tasks, and to be given ongoing guidance and constructive feeback about one's performance and efforts.
    offered opportunities to be heard and have opinions valued.
    recognized and appreciated for volunteer service.
    reimbursed where financially reasonable for out of pocket expenses.
We the volunteers are committed to these undertakings, and to addressing unacceptable behaviour when it occurs.

I the volunteer/staff:
As a club volunteer, I am committed to being involved with organized snowmobiling and my club in a manner that is in keeping with this Code. I recognize the following responsibilities and am committed to:
   demonstrating respect for others through words and actions, valuing the contributions and service of all, and demonstrating a sensitivity to the needs of volunteers, staff, permit holders and partners.
    vigilance in ensuring the club operational environment is safe, and strive to protect volunteers, staff, riders and partners from harm.
 fulfilling my commitments by completing assigned duties promptly and reliably.
    maintaining the integrity and dignity of the club and organized snowmobiling to uphold its reputation, and protecting the reputation and privacy of other volunteers and staff.
    loyalty to the club, district, OFSC and organized snowmobiling in dealing with the public, partners, riders and community agencies in recognizing the need to offer information which is positive and balanced, while serving as an ambassador for organized snowmobiling.
    understanding and adhering to the policies and procedures of the club, district, OFSC and OFSC Programs, and asking for assistance as necessary to clarify any concerns.
    accepting the guidance, direction and decisions of the club’s board, volunteers and staff in a coordinator or supervisory role, district leadership, and the OFSC Board of Governors.
    a willingness to learn and participate in training programs and organizational meetings as necessary and to continue to learn on the job through ongoing feedback from supervisors.
    diligence in maintaining the confidentiality of information regarding privacy for other volunteers, staff and community partners, and for information not generally available to the public and obtained in the course of performing assigned duties.
   acting with honesty and integrity when dealing with club or program funds or any assets
    respecting and abiding by the laws of Ontario and Canada including upholding anti-discrimination laws and human rights requirements.
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