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NRSA Volunteers have been busy, completing projects for the upcoming season, groomer shed relocation, setup sea container for new groomer location, groomer track replacement & maintenance, a few trail projects, as well as trail maintenance.

Volunteers took on the job of replacing the trackers, replacing bearings, painting the frame when tracks were off and ensuring that all was in working order. Yeap also regular maintenance was completed as well, so we are ready for packing!

NRSA would like to announce that the Deep River park & ride was expanded with the full cooperation and support of labour and heavy equipment by theTown of Deep River! Another project was the relocation of NRSA groomer shed, again NRSA received support from our communties Town Of Laurentian Hills delivered and supplied all the base material for the groomer shed, while Town of Deep River completed the levelling and packing of the groomer shed base, plus digging the trench for hydro connection! A BIG THANK YOU to Town of Deep River and Town of Laurentian Hills for their hard work and support!

Next volunteers tackled the task of installation of the Cover Tech shed and working on installation of garage door, hopefully all will be completed by mid-November.

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